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15 October 09:30 - 12:30Rookie Oven @ Fairfield Shipyards

Newspapers, television, publishing, magazines are all being fed into the crusher

We have become used to technology changing things irretrievably, but it is still a shock when the familiar goes into crisis. The Scottish Press is in freefall with newspaper circulations dropping and market share being stolen by better funded papers hailing from furth of Scotland.

But today's predators are tomorrows prey. Strange US hybrid online publications roam the land.

Never let a crisis go to waste

There will be new media giants, there will be news on the other side of the catastrophe - and this is our opportunity to make sure some of them are global-reach, English-language and Scottish-based.

Because while the internet allows them to come here, it allows us to go there.

Success  to the bold

The Edinburgh Tech Scene faced this dilemma a few years, back. How to compete with behemoths, funded up the ying-yang and based in cities dripping with talent and experience.

Edinburgh now has 2 billion dollar companies - punching far above its weight globally. Skyscanner's main competitor is Google, and FanDuel's is Yahoo.

There are hard-won lessons to be learnt: share experience, train and learn as a community, be madly ambitious, get the smallest thing possible going that is profitable and grow that.

Exciting times, risk and opportunity, crushing failure and the lure of immense global success. Looking at the stars, tempered by lying in the gutter.

 Business models for the new media in Scotland

This is a community-based event that brings together the emerging new media in Scotland, built painfully from the ground up during IndyRef, the rich crop of excellent Scottish journalists trapped on the slowing shrinking islands of the traditional Scottish media scene and experienced operators from Edinburgh's tech community to see what collectively we can achieve, for ourselves, for each other, for Scotland and for the world.

The Programme

10 – 10:30
Nobody knows what they are doing
Marie Le Conte - Buzzfeed

10:30 – 11
The decline of the Scottish Press
Peter Geoghegan – The Ferret

11 – 11:15

11:15 – 11:45
New business models and success in Scottish Tech
Gordon Guthrie – tech founder, conf organiser

11:45 - 12:30
Panel Discussion – Getting paid
Mike Small - Bella Caledonia
Angela Hagerty - Common Space
Plus others to be confirmed

12:30 – 1:30
Lunch and networking

1:30 – 3:30

Product Tank – 15 minute presentations about business models by new media companies in 3 tracks. Organisations presenting include:

  • Mike Small - Bella Caledonia
  • Jenny Tough - Tough Adventures
  • Da Monkey - Monkey Loves Cherries
  • Gordon Guthrie - Make Glasgow Flourish
  • Dave Tait - Black Bitch Magazine

Plus more to be confirmed

This session will be compered by Russell Henderson

The Product Tank are open call - tweet @newmediascot if you would like to present

3:30 – 4
Session in planning

4 – 4:45
Panel Discussion - New Media and power, sport, politics, culture and sexual identity
Gerry Hassan - author and Sunday Mail columnist
Kathleen Caskie - feminist, Women For Indy
Others to be confirmed

4:45 - 
Drinks and socialising

If you work in new media, you need to come...

Journalists, bloggers, people working in new media: journalism, news, video/tv/film, cartoonists, digital design but also advertising and marketing, subscriptions and community development, political activists, public intellectuals, authors, writers and publishers - the world is changing, some and shape it.

Talk isn't enough, but its a start...

We need frank discussion of where we find our selves now. This is an opportunity for people working in the new media to discuss how they make (or don't make) money now - to explore the challenges they face in building sustainable new media businesses and expanding them, both for a Scottish audience and the world.

Tell us what you do, how you make money

There will be sessions for you to outline your idea or your work, and talk about your business model and get advice on how to get to sustainability.

Follow us on Twitter to get updates @newmediascot

Photo Credit - David Pike

Rookie Oven - easy to get to

If you are coming by public transport get a train to Glasgow Central or Queen Street and then hop on the subway to Govan. Rookie Oven is a 5 minute walk.

If you are driving it is conveniently located near the South Exit of the Clyde Tunnel and parking is available.

Lunch will be sandwiches with tea, coffee and juice. If you have special dietary needs feel free to bring a packed lunch. There are some cafes and shops nearby, but variety is limited.

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Just Some Of Our Great Speakers

Marie Le Conte
Media And Political Correspondent, Buzzfeed

Nobody knows what they are doing

Read more

Angela Haggerty
Editor of Common Space and columnist on The Sunday Herald

Getting paid

Read more

Gordon Guthrie
Computer Boffin and Author

New business models and success in Scottish Tech

Read more

More Speakers
will be announced, follow us on Twitter

Follow @newmediascot on Twitter and keep up to date

Read more

Mike Small
Editor at Bella Caledonia

Getting paid

Read more

Kathleen Caskie
Feminist, Women For Indy

New Media and power: sport, politics, culture and sexual identity

Read more

Peter Geoghegan
Editor - The Ferret

The decline of the Scottish Press

Read more

Gerry Hassan
Author, columnist Sunday Mail

New Media and power, sport, politics, culture and sexual identity

Read more

Jenny Tough
Adventurer, writer, film-maker

Product Tank

Read more

Russell Henderson
Co-organiser Product Tank, Edinburgh

Product Tank

Read more

Organised By

Russell Henderson @ProductTankEdi

Russell Henderson is a co-organiser at Product Tank Edinburgh.

Product Tank is a network of meetups in 40 cities with 10,000 members in the digital product community - and is the largest professional organisation of people who make digital things that people want to buy.

Gordon Guthrie @gordonguthrie

Gordon Guthrie is author of the Bella Caledonia-published book War Is Coming, writes a political blog and is a founder of the Turing Festival.

Rookie Oven @rookieoven

Rookie Oven is a tech incubator and community hub in the former drafting room of the Fairfield shipyards.